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Sketch-A-Day ‘Out & About’

‘Out & About’ Sketch-A-Day Gallery

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Participating Artists: Heather Egan – Subhas Ghosh – Heidi Hereth – Christine LangdonAna McGhieFrances O’RourkePatricia Reid –  Nivedita Sen – Paula Service – Yuko Takeshita – 

Click on an individual sketch in the Gallery below to see a larger view of the sketch.

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‘Out & About’ Sketch-A-Day Guidelines

Members are invited to participate at any time – for the first time; or if returning, to re-do the 31-day cycle, or to add one or more sketches as you wish.

  1. Make at least one sketch / painting a day in your sketchbook.
  2. You can use any medium to create your sketch. 
  3. Every day, select day and subject from the list (far right), and complete the sketch.

Sketch List
1. Fences 2. Weeds 3. Windows 4. Garden corner 5. Doorways​ 6. Trees​ 7. Pathways​ 8. Flowers​ 9. Steps​ 10. Lake​ 11. Clothes line​ 12. Pier​ 13. Outdoor furniture 14. Hills​ 15. Garden tools​ 16. Breeze​ 17. Frog​ 18. River​19. Walking the dog​ 20. Birds​ 21. Rainy day​ 22. Garden tap​ 23. Fire​ 24. Leaves​ 25,Beach​ 26.The Park​ 27. Boats​ 28. Sunlight​ 29. Butterflies​ 30. Laneways​ 31. My favorite place in nature, and time of day

# Photographers may submit their photographs following the list.

Experiment for Fun!  – Try drawing the subject within its context, i.e. draw the areas around specific items. Some other sketch ideas: draw the same scene twice, but with different materials, such as oil crayons, charcoal, ink, watercolour, or pencils. It can be fun to try different things to sketch with, such as sticks, leaves, handmade brushes or household items (e.g. sponges, string,  rags, knives, forks). Why not try different surfaces to sketch on, such as: wrapping paper, coloured paper, cardboard, fabric, tissue paper, or rice paper.  

Display your artwork on the RAS website ‘Sketch-A-Day’ Gallery: Take a photograph of your artwork and attach it, as a jpeg file, to an email and send to the RAS Website Coordinator via the RAS gmail address Your artwork / photograph will then be uploaded to the RAS website ‘Sketch-A-Day’ Gallery.

Original artwork – Please note all photographs submitted for inclusion in the RAS ‘Sketch-A-Day’ Gallery are required to be the original work of the artist/RAS member.

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