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November art challenge

Online Art Activity

The RAS Online Art Projects aim to encourage  inspiration and creativity in our members, as they pursue their various art, photography and craft interests, as well as provide an opportunity to bring our members together as a community. All RAS members are welcome to participate.

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November Art Challenge

Postcards from Australia 2021 – Results in!

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful artwork sent in.
All of this work will remain on our website and also be part of our slideshow presentation at our next Annual Exhibition in April 2022 at Prince Henry Centre, Little Bay.
Congratulations to the following artists and hope they enjoy the Gift Voucher from Eckersley’s Art.
Niki Koeppl “Australian Christmas Beetle” Most Nostalgic Postcard.
Rosita Simmons “Malabar Headland” most iconic Postcard”.
Judge for this challenge was Clara Patricia Alfonso.
My choice for the most nostalgic postcard goes to Niki Koeppl for ‘Australian Christmas Beetle’. Nostalgia is a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period or thing in the past. The Australian christmas beetle creates an intense feeling of nostalgia in me because my childhood Christmases in Bondi were rife with these iridescent beetles which were always a sign that the festive season and summer holidays were on their way or had arrived. It is also so sad that the numbers of Christmas beetles in Australia have dropped dramatically in the intervening years, a sign that not all is well, causing nostalgia for times past when the natural environment was healthier. This beetle in also beautifully and delicately painted with a stunning colour palette, a wonderful example of the translucence of watercolour and patient detailed drawing showing the individual character of each leg. It is all christmas beetles but also one individual beetle. Once again beautifully composed within the entire page. Just gorgeous.
My choice for the award for the most iconically Australian postcard goes to Rosita Simmons for her painting ‘Malabar Headland’. An icon is a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration. To me, there is nothing more iconically Australian than our beaches.  I venerate my local beach every day! Australia also has unique flora including our incredible flowering trees.This tree  looks like it could be any one of a range of species including the iconic banksia or gum tree. To be, both the beach and the tree are also painted in an original and interesting way with a lovely colour palette and a beautifully balanced composition. A stunning piece.
Thank you again for your participation and we look forward to sharing new activities with you in 2022.

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