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Online Art Activity

The RAS Online Art Projects aim to encourage  inspiration and creativity in our members, as they pursue their various art, photography and craft interests, as well as provide an opportunity to bring our members together as a community. All RAS members are welcome to participate.

Links to other RAS Online Art Projects:

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October Art Challenge

InkTober 2021

Members are invited to participate as many times as they like.

Inktober 2021 is an art challenge where you draw/paint every day  using some form of ink medium – ink pens, ink & brush, black biro, black textas, brushes, chinese brushes, sticks, pen/brushes, you can draw with pencil and then cover with ink pen, sketch with crayon then convert to digital ink drawing.  In fact, any type of implement to make a mark.

If you use calligraphy, typography, lettering, it’s OK to use it. Maybe you have a poem in mind.  The idea is to get creating. You can work from a photograph, magazine, real life, memory or from imagination.

Here is a prompt list to help spark your ideas. You can use this list or do your own thing.

Sketch List

1. Crystal 8. Watch 15.  Helmut 22.  Open 29.  Patch
2. Suit 9. Pressure 16. Compass 23.  Leak 30.  Slither
3. Vessel 10. Pick 17.  Collide 24.  Extinct 31.  Risk
4. Knot 11. Sour 18.  Moon 25.  Splat
5. Raven 12. Stuck 19.  Loop  26. Connect
6. Spirit 13. Roof 20.  Sprout 27.  Spark
7. Fan 14. Tick 21.  Fuzzy 28.  Crispy


October Art Challenge InkTober Results in!
Thank you to everyone for the wonderful artwork sent in. There was an impressive 131 works.
All of this work will remain on our website and also be part of our slideshow presentation our next Annual Exhibition in April.
Congratulations to the following artists and hope they enjoy the Gift Voucher from Eckersley’s Art.
Judie Bode “Fan” Best interpretation of sketch List
Alana Best “Raven” Most original artwork.
Judge for this challenge was Tom Parslow.

There were many worthy works in each of the categories and some that ticked the box for both categories. However, I have chosen two that really impressed me.

Most original artwork

Raven by Alana Best. This bold ink drawing with the dynamic turn of the bird’s head and considered placement of lights and darks is a work that arrests the attention.

Best interpretation of sketch list

Fan by Judie Bode. This beautiful ink wash conjures up the feeling of a Japanese print, and although much of the figure is depicted, the eye is immediately drawn to the fan, fulfilling the criteria of the award perfectly.


Thank you again for your participation and we hope to see your work for the November Art Challenge “Postcards from Australia”. Hope to see some soon.

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