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Simmons, Rosita

Portraits – Landscapes:

Rosita Simmons was born in the year of the Dragon, under the zodiac sign, the Bull. Born in the Philippines of Chinese, Spanish and Filipino descent, Rosita is a proud Australian citizen; having lived in Australia for the last thirty plus years.

Rosita’s passion for painting was cultivated during her early primary years in a Chinese school, when an elderly art teacher noticed her talent and provided her with encouragement and personal tutoring. While later in life Rosita went on to study and develop a career in nursing, she continued to maintain her interest in art by attending short workshops whenever an opportunity arose, both in Australia and abroad.

Now retired, Rosita engages in painting as a hobby. Most of her painting subjects have a deeper meaning, which in some cases is obvious and others is slightly hidden. When she views her finished paintings, Rosita feels satisfied that she has achieved the true meaning within them that she wanted to express; leaving her with a feeling of peace and harmony.