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Members Gallery

The Randwick Art Society is proud to showcase a selection of our members’ work here via the Members’ Gallery. Our members welcome your enquiries about sales and commissions of their work.

ARTIST PROFILES are listed in alphabetical order:

Best, Alana

Landscapes – Oil Painting: Alana Best – Coming from a graphic design background, painting for me can be…

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Castellanos, Teresa

Ceramics – Mixed Media – Painting – Printing: Teresa Castellanos has been a practising artist since 1980. She…

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Lydia Chan

Chan, Lydia

Landscapes – Seascapes – Still Life – Watercolour: Lydia started painting in early 2012, after her husband passed away…

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Coelho, Maria

Landscapes – Seascapes – Mediterranean Scenes – Still Life – Acrylic Painting: Maria Coelho’s passion for art began…

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Dickinson, Brian

Landscapes – Still Life – Watercolour Painting: Brian Dickinson – Since I was a kid drawing has been my way…

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Frangoulis, Mary

Landscapes: Mary Frangoulis is an Australian artist who has been a long time resident of the eastern beaches…

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Hereth, Heidi

Landscapes – Seascapes – Watercolour Painting – Acrylic Painting: Heidi Hereth has lived in the Randwick-Coogee area for…

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Kapodistrias, Maria

Abstracts – Portraits – Figurative Painting – Acrylic Painting: Maria Kapodistrias – Between juggling a busy career in…

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Kime, Marilyn

Landscapes – Seascapes – Oil Painting: Marilyn Kime lives in the Eastern Suburbs. She is one of the founding members…

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Koeppl, Nikola

Sculpture – Figurative Painting – Portraits – Animal Portraits – Caricatures – Watercolour Painting: Nikola Koeppl is a…

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