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Randwick Art Society provides a range of activities for members, including: our Monday Art Studio, an Annual Exhibition and other exhibition opportunities, Demonstrations and Workshops, and a quarterly Newsletter. We also offer an online Members’ Gallery, which showcases the wonderful variety and expertise of our art and craft members. Our members welcome enquiries about sales and commissions of their work.

During 2020, RAS expanded its activities to include a number of new initiatives, including:

  • In March 2020, RAS launched the first of its Online Art Projects, ‘Sketch-A-Day’.  Further information below.
  • In May 2020, RAS Committee established a Logo Competition; inviting members to design a new logo for RAS. Further information below.

Randwick Art Society is also a member of the Combined Art Societies of Sydney (CASS), which enables our members to participate in CASS exhibitions and workshops.

1st May – 30th May 2020

Randwick Art Society Inc


Design a New RAS Logo !

Dear Members,

Stuck at home and not sure what to do with yourself ?

Why not put your energy and time into designing a new RAS Logo? RAS Committee has decided it’s time.  

Here are some key points about what we currently use:

  • We have a primary logo which was developed when RAS commenced.  This is essentially a blue and white logo based on the letter ‘R’ which is shaped like a wave.  The words Randwick Art Society Inc are placed around the outside;
  • We have a second logo that is often used on marketing material and the Newsletter.  It comprises the letters ‘RAS’ in white caps on a green or blue background.  Sometimes it is used together with our primary logo.

Here are some key points about what we now need and how to go about it:

  • We are after one logo that we can use in all circumstances;
  • It should include/incorporate the words ‘Randwick Art Society Inc’.
  • It will work best for us if it is reasonably bold and graphically strong.  That’s because it will be used on  our web page, flyers, Newsletters, banners, etc; and needs to be legible and identifiable in a range of sizes;
  • It could be based on imagery that reflects what we do.  But don’t forget, our Society comprises members who paint, draw, take photos, sew, undertake craft, etc; so a logo that just depicts one of those activities won’t best represent us;
  • It could be based on a creative use of the letters ‘RAS’;
  • It could seek to reflect our Randwick/coastal location (much like the current primary logo);
  • Look around at all sorts of other logos you can see especially on the web.  Look at which ones work well, and which ones don’t.  Think about why;

This is the process: 

  • The Competition is only open to members;
  • Each member can prepare and submit no more than 2 logos;
  • Scans or photos of your logo designs should be sent to by Sunday 31 May 2020.  If email is difficult, you can send to P O Box 1062 Randwick 2031, but you should post earlier to allow time for slower postal delivery;
  • The RAS Committee will prepare a short list of 3 potential logos.  These will then be circulated so that  all RAS members can vote on their preferred logo.  The Committee reserves the right to reject any logo;
  • The preferred logo will be utilised on all RAS material, as soon as practicable after the completion of the process;
  • The reward for the member who designs the preferred logo will be the satisfaction of seeing their design used in an ongoing manner by the Society.

We look forward to seeing some interesting designs.

To download a pdf file about this activity, click on the link below:

Download RAS Logo Competition PDF file


A RAS Online Art Project

Members are invited to participate at any time – for the first time; or if returning, to re-do the 31-day cycle, or to add one or more sketches as you wish

To try and help our members stay connected the committee has launched the first of the RAS Online Art Projects, ‘Sketch-a-Day’.

There are two ‘Sketch-A-Day’ Sketch Lists and and associated galleries – “Assortments” and “Out & About”

For a month every day, you can select and paint/draw an item appearing on the Sketch List.

Display your artwork on the RAS website ‘Sketch-A-Day’ Gallery: Members are invited to take a photograph of their artwork and attach it, as a jpeg file, to an email and send to the RAS Website Coordinator via the RAS gmail address The artwork / photograph will then be uploaded to the RAS website ‘Sketch-A-Day’ Gallery

Visit the ‘Sketch- A-Day’ Online Gallery to view members sketches, by clicking on the links below:

Links to the  ‘Assortments’ Sketch-A-Day Gallery  and the ‘Out & About’ Sketch-A-Day Gallery

Visit our ‘Downloads’ page to download a copy of a pdf file about the “Assortments” Sketch-A-Day project and the “Out & About” Sketch-A-Day project.

Go to ‘Downloads’

Monday Art Studio–All Welcome

Temporarily suspended 18th March 2020 – See ‘Notice to Members’ on RAS ‘What’s On’ page

We meet each Monday, from 9.00am to 1.00pm, at the Randwick Literary Institute, 60 Clovelly Road, Randwick NSW. (Corner of Clovelly Rd and Market St). It is a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere and new members are most welcome to attend.

Our members choose their own medium – we have people sketching, using pastels, watercolour, oils and acrylics. Just bring your current project and art or craft supplies along and start painting, etc. We often provide support and feedback to each other and learn in that way. We look forward to seeing you there.

Kitchen facilities

A kettle is available to have morning tea or lunch with us; tea and coffee is supplied. (Please bring your own food). There is also a small park adjoining the Institute, if you wish to take a break and sit outside.


There is a small weekly fee of $5.00, which assists with costs of renting the premises for the morning.

Demonstrations and Workshops

Temporarily suspended 18th March 2020 – See ‘Notice to Members’ on RAS ‘What’s On’ page

Randwick Art Society offers art demonstrations and workshops from time to time. Information about upcoming demonstrations and workshops is advertised on our website, in our quarterly newsletter and additional information emails are sent to members from time to time.

Please visit our ‘What’s On’ page for more information about upcoming demonstrations and workshops.

Go to ‘What’s On’

Plein Air Sketch Group

Temporarily suspended 18th March 2020 – See ‘Notice to Members’ on RAS ‘What’s On’ page

Wednesdays 10.00am-12.00pm

This group is now closed for the summer, from Weds 11th Dec 2019 until Feb 2020. Please contact RAS in February 2020 for information about this group.

Meet at the Duck Pond, Parkes Drive, Centennial Park (near The Spruce Goose Diner)

Randwick Art Society is establishing a  Plein Air Sketch Group for members; the first meeting was held on Wednesday 15th May 2019, 10.00am-12.00pm.

There are many places to draw and paint around Centennial Park that will be of interest to members. This will be an ad hoc group where anyone is welcome (including non-members). We will meet at 10.00am, then go to different areas of interest to do our art.

Please note, there will be no tuition and no cost to attend.

The first meeting will be held at the  Duck Pond, Parkes Drive, Centennial Park. (The Diner at the Duck Pond is handy where food and drinks can be bought.)

There is usually access to car parking in Parkes Drive. For those without transport, the 339 Clovelly bus travels along Darley Road. However, it is  a fair walk to the Duck Pond from the bus stop.

Some tips when working plein air are:

  • Something to sit on – cushion, portable chair, mat (the ground can be wet)
  • Bottled Water
  • Clothing – layered, and also be prepared if rain is forecast
  • Lightweight bag or backpack that will carry your supplies.

The following is a suggestion of what you may consider taking.

RAS Bus Trips

Temporarily suspended 18th March 2020 – See ‘Notice to Members’ on RAS ‘What’s On’ page

From time to time through the year, Randwick Art Society organises art-related bus trips for members; to visit exhibitions or locations of interest.

During 2019, Randwick Art Society organised two successful bus trips. On Friday 24th May a large group of members and friends travelled together to visit Hazelhurst Gallery Gymea and Camellia Gardens Caringbah. Then on Thursday 26th September a group of members and friends went by bus together to visit Bowral Art Gallery (pictured right)

For information about our next bus trip, please visit our ‘What’s On’ page.

Go to ‘What’s On’


Randwick Art Society publishes a newsletter each quarter, which is sent to members by Email and is also available in hard copy at our Monday Art Studio. The RAS newsletter contains information of interest to members, such as exhibiting opportunities, demonstrations and workshops, other activities, important dates, general meetings, as well as information about upcoming member exhibitions.

Members are invited to submit ‘news items’ for publication in the RAS Newsletter that may be of interest to members. Please send information to the RAS Newsletter Editors via the RAS Email or visit us at our Monday Art Studio, Randwick Literary Institute and pass on your news item to a committee member.

Visit our ‘Downloads’ page to download a copy of our most recent Newsletter.

Go to ‘Downloads’

Randwick Art Society 2020 Calendar

Randwick Art Society is committed to working for recognition and appreciation of Art within the local community and supporting our members by providing opportunities to promote their art work through our various activities and exhibitions.

Randwick Art Society has compiled a 2020 calendar, which went on sale for the first time at the May 2019 Annual Exhibition.  The Calendar displays images of the winning entries of member’s art work from the 2018  Annual Exhibition. If you would like to purchase a calendar, they will be available every Monday morning at the RLI, during the Monday Art Studio, or Email us for further information.

Calendars are usually $20.00 each, but from November 2019 onwards they will now be available for the discount price of $10.00.

Members’ Gallery – RAS website

Our Members’ Gallery on the RAS website, displays ‘Artist Profiles’ of our members in alphabetical order. Each profile includes a text summary about the member of approximately 100 – 150 words, a small ‘head and shoulders’ photograph of the member, and three photographs of the member’s art or craft work (space permitting). Every member, as part of their membership, is eligible to use this free service.

How to submit your Artist Profile

You can submit your Artist Profile (text and photographs) directly to the Art Society via Email. Please note all photographs are required to be high resolution jpeg files. If you require assistance with arranging your Artist Profile, please talk to a committee member.

Go to RAS Members’ Gallery