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About Us

Our History and Activities

The Randwick Art Society, the first incorporated Art Society in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, was founded in 2009 to promote Art and local awareness of Art in the community. A committee was formed, headed by Patricia Reid, who was the elected President for 3 years, from 2010-2012. We are a not-for profit association of artists and crafts people.

The Art Society provides a range of activities for members, including opportunities to practice art and craft in the relaxed, friendly company of other members on Monday mornings at Randwick Literary Institute, to attend art demonstrations and workshops, and to show their art and craft work in our Exhibitions.

The Art Society has held a number of Annual Exhibitions at the Prince Henry Centre Little Bay NSW, with the support of Randwick City Council, since 2010. We also conduct smaller exhibitions locally throughout the year. In addition, each member receives a quarterly Newsletter and is also is eligible to have their ‘Artist Profile’ displayed on our website in the Members’ Gallery.

In 2012 the Art Society became a member of the Combined Art Societies of Sydney (CASS); and as a member of CASS provides opportunities for our members to participate in the diverse activities of CASS, including their Annual Exhibition; Art Direct, an annual Artists’ trail and Art in Action, an annual workshop program.

Our Vision

The Australian Arts and Cultural Industry covers large and small museums, libraries, galleries, heritage sites, performing arts venues, film, dance, music, art and craft making, circus, theatres, historical societies, archives, keeping place, writers, community cultural development and more.*

Randwick Art Society Inc. is an important part of the Australian Arts and Cultural Industry and as such, the Society makes a valuable contribution to Australia’s cultural life, through the activities of the Society and the generous efforts of the Society’s volunteer committee; enriching both the community in which we live and work, and the whole of Australia.

Our vision as an organisation is to contribute to the ongoing development and growth of a sustainable and viable future for arts and culture in Randwick, the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and in the wider Australian community.

* Source: ‘Creative Volunteering’ Regional Arts Australia March 2003

Our Mission

To work for recognition and appreciation of Art in the local community and promote all mediums of Art among like-minded members of the community through sharing, companionship, teaching, and exhibiting.

Our Values

We value:

  • Artistic quality and professionalism in the arts and culture, and in our activities
  • Lifelong and flexible learning in the arts and culture, and in our activities.
  • Consultation and networking with our members, interested parties within our community, and across communities.
  • Fostering community partnerships through our activities.
  • Respect and inclusiveness in our approach to our members and our activities.
  • Diversity of age, gender, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds within our membership.

Objectives of Randwick Art Society Inc.

  • To share companionship, teach and promote all mediums of Art among like-minded members of the community
  • To work for recognition and appreciation of Art in the local community by members participating in Exhibitions.
  • To raise funds to enable the above objectives to be achieved.


  • Patron: Margaret Woodsmith
  • Public Officer & Historian: Patricia Reid
  • CASS Representative: Phil McKay

Our Committee 2019

  • President: Maria Kapodistrias
  • Vice President: Rick Bardsley-Smith
  • Secretary: Margaret Morscheck
  • Assistant Secretary: Jan Cook
  • Treasurer: Niki Koeppl
  • Assistant Treasurer: Marilyn Kime
  • Committee Member: Pat Reid
  • Committee Member: Judie Bode
  • Committee Member: Heather Egan
  • Committee Member: Robyn Langford-Brown

RAS General Meetings – all members are encouraged to attend

The RAS Annual General Meeting is held on the 4th Monday in February each year at the Randwick Literary Institute 60 Clovelly Rd, Randwick.

General Meeting Program 2019

There are four General Meetings held each year at the Randwick Literary Institute 60 Clovelly Rd, Randwick. General Meetings for 2019 will be held at 10.30am on Mondays 24th June and 23th September; and the final General Meeting for the year will be held on 9th December, which is followed by a Christmas luncheon.

The AGM is always held on the fourth Monday in February, and the date for membership renewal is the last day of February each year. All members are encouraged to attend the Art Society meetings.

Our Sponsor

Clovelly Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank